Tumblr favorite #2597: Midnight Radio

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My original tumblr post was here. This beautiful, haunting short comic was written by Ehud Lavski and originally posted on his tumblr . It was drawn by Yael Nathan. Lavski notes in his comment “If you like it, please share.” Many people on tumblr have. Commenter gynoidwren” remarks that “This reminds me of The Secret Knots.” Commenter Dirty River remarks “The magic of night radio and includes a picture:


The post comes to us via comichquadrinhos.

4 thoughts on “Tumblr favorite #2597: Midnight Radio

    • A shortwave radio was one of my most-cherished late-childhood possessions. In a pre-Internet world being able to listen to voices from other continents felt like magic to me, and the fact that it was usually only late at night that you pick up those broadcasts wrapped the magic in mystery.

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