11 thoughts on “Visiting Faculty: Chapter Seven, Pin-up

    • Faith’s imagination, obviously. Presumably fired by reading comics written by Lon Ryden. She has good taste.

    • The aliens who come to Earth just to abduct and experiment on human women?
      How much story would there be to tell?

      • I’m certain Shon is more than equal to the task of coming up with one.

      • That is a problem. These guys are popular, and people who watch me want to see me draw them, but how can I actually make it interesting for me? I like stories, too. I do have two stories with plots and everything with these guys, but it remains to be seen whether I will ever draw them. One story involves workplace discrimination lawsuits in space. It makes me laugh, at least.

  1. Aha the little green bastards are back! Once again I love the way they restrain the specimens.

  2. Although one would think the little green scientists were well trained, I have found they are woefully inept. I don’t know how many times they have recorded observations on the wrong form, forgot to set the timer switch, reversed the order of operations, left the lens cover on the camera, or stumbled over the apparatus.

    The little buggers are such perfectionists! Repeat the experiment…. again! Verify the data…. again! Lon Ryden could tell you some stories about the Alien Experimenters!

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