Tumblr favorite #2717: “The big brain am winning again!”

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Tumblr favorite #2718: The Molecule Monsters

My original tumblr post was here. This comics page was originally posted on Tumblr by Vintage Geek Culture who attributes it to Gil Kane. A minor mystery hovers around this comic, as the the Grand Comics Database does appear to have an entry for Astra: Girl of the Future, however there it is listed as a Tijuana bible. This particular page doesn’t betray any of that; the subject matter is too standard and the production values to high. It seems likely that the GCD entry is a parody of a real comic. A bit more searching, however, does turn up the story “The Mad Brain” with an Astra character in Sensation Comics #106 (1942).

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    • She would kick its ass, but evidently this species has long since evolved beyond the need for asses.

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