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Dear friends of Erotic Mad Science,

It would appear that I’ve pretty much reblogged everything there was to reblog (up to now) from the Erotic Mad Science tumblr. I’m very pleased to have effected this big recovery operation, because it means that all the cool imagery that was there is now safe in a forum over which I have control and which I curate, and which won’t disappear on some dreadful day when either Tumblr goes out of business or its corporate overlords decide to stage a pornocalypse, removing or hiding all the good stuff because profitable marketing, that’s why. The imagery will stay here for as long as Erotic Mad Science is up (a long time, I hope), and even after I’ve gone back into the blessed calm of nonexistence and therefore stop paying the server bills, for a still longer time after that at the Internet Archive.

The downside of using up the Tumblr material is that this blog frontpage threatens to become visually less interesting. So in order to prevent that from happening, I’m starting a new twice-daily series of postings of pulp covers, some of which you’ve seen before as Erotic Mad Science tumblr reblogs. I think much of this art from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s is fantastic, showing a wild creative sensibility often too lacking in contemporary culture, one which I try to recreate as neo-pulp in things like the Tales of Gnosis College and in…other projects I’m working on of which you will be hearing more later. So starting tomorrow (that is, Sunday, March 5, 2017) expect to see a series of classic pulp covers where once you saw Erotic Mad Science tumblr reblogs. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “New daily series coming

  1. Without a doubt the pulps have a style and panache tough to find today. And however hokey some art was, there were always legitimate greats like Virgil Finlay, Emsh, Frank Paul and others that will always be worth looking at and enjoying.
    Thanks Much!!

  2. I’ve been greatly enjoying the pulp covers, not just in terms of art but the interesting cultural glimpses they give 🙂

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