9 thoughts on “The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter Two, Page One

  1. Funny, one of the few Manhattan recipes I’ve seen that calls for a lemon twist rather than a cherry. Our dear departed doctor dad favored a Manhattan with Seagram’s VO, Martini & Rossi sweet vermouth and a lemon twist when he came home from the office, a martini if it was a really bad day. By the time the three of us were 18, we could make a martini, manhattan and pour a glass of beer with little head, (gotta teach your kids right!)

    • In my long drinking experience, many dry Manhattans (dry vermouth rather than sweet) are served with a lemon twist.

    • I chose a lemon twist for Kat’s cocktail because it was already skewing a bit sweet with the addition of the sweet liqueurs. I felt like the bit of lemon astringency helped a bit with balance.

  2. What’s a song for a drink with slices of lime stuck on the edge of the glass?

    Blurred Limes

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