5 thoughts on “The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter Two, Page Twenty-Five

  1. Interesting.

    John Smith isn’t looking at the part of the cafe where Corgo is until Corgo starts talking to him. How does the AI know what the current environment there looks like? Is there another Munkeytown player in the area looking towards John, or has Munkeytown hacked into the cafe’s CCTV?

    • Good question! Where people have played Munkytown in the past, Munkytown has a model of the space in its memory. If the reality has changed since then, Munkytown won’t know until it gets a fresh screen view.

      Thus in a situation like this, Corgo is likely to walk through a bunch of chairs and people. But the only ones who can actually observe the effect are us.

      • In related news, working on this project has made me generally much more sympathetic to the “We totally had an answer that apparent plot hole but it was too verbose to actually include in the story” defense, which I was previously prone to scoff at.

        • It’s always good to see learning through experience. I wish more webcomics that I read had authors who respond to the comments. Or even allowed comments!

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