3 thoughts on “The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter Two, Page Twenty-Nine

  1. Dogecoin has had a very good spring. Since this page was written, it’s appreciated about 1000%. If the Monsters held onto their bounty from March to now, it’d be worth almost $3000.

  2. I have a crapton of POPcoin I’d like to convert to cash. Got a bit of some others too. I was attempting to obtain 1 Bitcoin, just for gits and shiggles. Was doing pretty good on a mining site that rotated among several cryptocurrencies, automatically switching to whichever had the best conversion to Bitcoin.

    Then the assholes running the site decided to copy the assholes who ran the Magic the Gathering Online eXchange or MtGOX. (NOT pronounced “Mount Gox”) site and stole everything everybody hadn’t shifted from their site accounts to their local wallets.

    I still have three of those antminer USB things. If I’d gotten in on Bitcoin mining when I first heard about it, hoo boy I coulda been rolling in the $$$. But instead of doing any research on it I dismissed it, thought it must be some way of farming some in-game currency in an MMORPG.

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