Pulp Parade #311: Well, you should have gone out dressed properly

Pulp Parade #310: Specimens
Pulp Parade #312: Out of my lab, frat boy!

This is Thrilling Wonder Stories for Spring 1954, cover by Walter Popp, and boy does this one really push the boundaries of “if you’re pretty enough your space costume doesn’t need to make sense,” because it looks like our intrepid space heroine is out there in the vacuum wearing a red bathing suit and sandals. The ISFDB entry for this issue is here. I found this version of the cover at Pulp Covers.

Frrom the version of this issue preserve at the Internet Archive, here’s an interior illustration for Frank Belknap Long’s story “Manhunt” done by Ed Emshwiller:

You can donwload and read the entire issue at the Internet Archive.