Dime Mystery Meme #17: WTF II

Dime Mystery Meme #16: WTF I
Bonus pulp: Just a little (yellow) peril

We close with covers from near the beginning and the end of Dime Mystery‘s existence. From way back in December 1934 we have one with a very Shadow over Innsmouth vibe.

(Woefully thin ISFDB entry for this issue here.) The Pulp Covers scan is of a copy which unfortunately has suffered a fair amount of wear. The index at Galactic Central provides a brighter and cleaner, bur also smaller, version of the same cover.

Nearing the end, in June 1948, Dime Mystery came up with this cover.

We might now be living in brightly smiling, clean-scrubbed, post-war, neo-Puritan America, but we can still manage a cover in which the pretty blonde is at least somewhat scantily clad, and certainly looks to be in a bit of peril. Evidence that the Spirit of Exploitation will never really die out, as long as humans themselves do not die out.