4 thoughts on “The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter Eight, Page Thirty-Two

  1. Did Johnny Mnemonic ever have to deal with pop-ups while in Cyberspace?

    • I have Opinions about the lack of tech annoyances in 99% of SF. Ever notice how all systems effortlessly interconnect?

      • Hawaii Five-0 uses computers, phones and tablets provided by Microsoft. They make sure to make it shown that they are Microsoft products or running Microsoft software. (Same deal with the good guys all driving Chevrolets while all other makes have their identifying emblems removed or taped over.)

        But oddly, at the end of season 8 episode 7, when Junior plays an old video of him and his GF before going to senior prom, they went full “Hollywood OS” on the laptop he used. Why not just use a stock Windows 10 desktop with the text and icons run up to 200%? Somebody got paid extra to create a fake desktop graphic with a video window.

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