6 thoughts on “Bait: Page Twenty-Four

  1. Bureaucrats…
    Squiddly killy could have peacefully starved to death or just switched to fish if people had been a bit smarter about things.

    • Alternatively, after the war the U.S. authorities could simply have allowed the Motofupans to return to their original home and resume their traditional religious practices without interference from outsiders, but somehow that option doesn’t seem to have been seriously considered.

      • Or begun an undercover octopus ally initiative…
        Or even a clandestine cuttlefish weaponization program!
        Maybe that’s what happened to the Soviet subs that never resurfaced.

        • Someone probably proposed that, but as so often happens, the funding proposal died in committee.

      • “What, give up strategic real estate to naked savages just because they used to live there since time immemorial and we don’t want to use it right now? Is American your second language, because that sentence makes no sense.”

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