12 thoughts on “Bait: Page Fifty

  1. The technology is, indeed, wonderful.
    But the purpose it’s put to… oy.

  2. Did anyone else just hear the “Jaws”-theme and have a flashback to the start of the first movie…? No? Just me? Alright, then.

    • Now that I think about it, but Jaws was really dark and you couldn’t tell she was naked.

    • That was explained a couple pages ago. That’s what the problem is in this long format. You would think the drone would stream information back to the research ship.

      • There are some reasons for the non-relay which I considered putting into the script but left off as too pendantic. Underwater transmission is difficult, and the fewer signals there are bouncing around down there the less likely the creature is to attempt to attack and destroy the drone.

    • See pp. 36-7. It can scan the speech center of the brain at short ranges and produce a subvocal narration by the subject.

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