3 thoughts on “BDA #136: The swindlers

  1. Maybe these folks were swindled when they tried to purchase a sex machine?

  2. Reminds me of 2nd grade, somehow:

    Gene, Gene,
    Made a machine.
    Joe, Joe,
    Made it go.
    Art, Art, lit a fart…
    And blew it all apart!

    Genuine apologies. But it seemed apropos somehow.

    • It’s a bit off topic, but I recall a childhood song about a German named Linderbeck who invented an infernal machine for making sausages. I can only really recall the chorus:

      Oh Linderbeck, oh Linderbeck, how could you be so mean
      To ever have invented that sausage-meat machine?
      Now pussy cats and long-tailed rats will never more be seen.
      They’ve all been ground to sausage meat in Linderbeck’s machine.

      In the end, inevitably, of course is consumed by his own machine.

      The Boy Scouts have their own variant of this song.

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