Topless Cheerleader, Well-Goosed By Tentacles

Statue liberation
Don't lose that remote!
a topless cheerleader is held by a tentacle monster and thoroughly goosed and debauched until she jumps in a way that makes her tits jiggle

According to a page at the site, this artwork is by the artist Gagala, who has a “Secret Lair” art site and is Patreon-supported. The cheerleader in the artwork is said to be Bonnie Rockwaller, a classmate and archrival of the animated character Kim Possible in the Disney Channel TV series of that same name.

Almost 375 artworks by Gagala are available on

This image is a reblog from a 10 November 2013 post at Infernal Wonders. Its original source is the long-gone tumblr This Shouldn’t Be As Hot As It Is of which fragments survive in the Internet Archive.

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