9 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder, Page Twenty

    • Her name suits her, don’t you think? ^_^
      Her first one, anyway; I haven’t been able to find any special meaning to ‘Porpulac’.

      • I was wondering if her name was a clue to whether or not we’ll see her naked in the next bazillion pages or so.

  1. Well, her heart is definitely in the right place.
    I imagine some of you may say that porn and irreligion aren’t a problem, but let us at least consider there are exploitative and harmful sections of the porn industry; exploitative and harmful to the people trapped in it.
    Human trafficking and the sale of illegal and harmful drugs are a no-brainer.

    • For my own part I support vigorous action against anyone who uses the word “collectible” as a noun.

      • If you’re not shunning people who misuse “bought” and “brought”, you’re doing it wrong.

        • What about people who leave shopping carts nilly willy in the parking lot instead of returning them to their designated spaces?

          • Then they don’t get their deposit back (assuming the trollies are of the kind where they are chained together with coin-releases). And should be dealt with mercilessly. Also, the people who use fake coins to release trollies.

            And then there’s people who don’t park between the lines, people who don’t obey the markings on the ground (arrows, crossings, etc.) just because “it’s not actually road”, people who park in disabled/family/electric/specific bays when they shouldn’t.

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