6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashely Madder: Chapter Three, Cover

    • …the story ended pretty abruptly, though.
      It’s obviously a flesh Ashley being dumped in the ocean; a stone one wouldn’t need rocks to sink it.

      • It is stone Ashley being dumped in the ocean.

        And I don’t think that Octo on the cover is the Big Octo from “Bait” though but could be Edith Sterling from way back in “Transformations” issue….

        • That’s possible. I misremembered that she died after producing offspring, but re-reading it, she was potentially saved by the octo-woman creature.

          Other possibilities for the cephalopod include: a member of John Smith’s species, the subject of an as-yet unidentified experiment, or just a regular baseline individual.

      • Not necessarily: note that back in Apsinthion Protocol an FBI evidence technician notes that the Ashley statue is very light — much lighter than an equivalent statue would be if actually made of marble.

  1. So,from the cover we readers can guess that Ashley will not fall in the hands of those agents in the end, ayy? Most pleasing it will be indeed! But by dumping her in the ocean!? Won’t sea water cause any harm to her inside structures? I mean her petrified intestines or else? Just a thought occurred in mind you see! But I guess Ashley suited in Malyshin’s private collection than in a museum! She is a woman worthy of being kept in the stronghold of a private collector indeed! I guess now where will she end up being?

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