10 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder: Chapter Three, Page Twenty

  1. … Yeah. I already didn’t like these guys before, but we’re in despise-territory now. :-/

  2. I suspected that they didn’t have the tech to reverse petrification.And Ashley’s condition is way more natural and basic. But still I guess both Ashley & Angelique will remain a statue than after all,right?

  3. Well, now it’s been confirmed that they left Angelique high and dry, I’m left wondering how they performed the deception with Ms Yamamoto.

  4. Poor Angelique! I guess therein lies the true moral of the story: never trust a spook. I’m curious whether some sort of avenging angel shall seek justice for what they did to Miss Porpulac.

  5. Wow, what a bunch of nasties. All those smoke and mirrors just to trick an intern into getting naked and unwittingly giving up her whole future to be a statue permanently – a glorified tracking device at that. Poor Angelique! She had a fiancee too, and I’m willing to bet she was looking forward to the wedding night…

  6. “You can’t break eggs without making an omelette.
    That’s what they tell the eggs.”

  7. Perhaps the little green bastards could pic Angelique up and reverse the process. Just a thought.

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