9 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder: Chapter Four, Page Three

  1. The island of a pervier version of Dr. Moreau?

    These are some quality fishmen, to be able to go from the abyssal depths to the surface with such apparent ease.

  2. Ahh, far much better. Ashley is indeed that naked beauty that does not suit to remain on ocean floor. She is far more meaningful in a collection or in the hands of a collector. Nice to see that this goddess once again found one who can admire her nude body. 🙂

  3. The mysterious person seems like he was long waiting to grope Ashley’s petrified erect nipples with his own hand. Looks like finally he got his lovely prize, the beloved Ashley Madder statue. Guessing who could he be. Someone who had encountered Ashley several times in the Cosmopolitan Museum of Art or else?!

    • Yiddish.

      I’ll offer a translation at the end of the chapter, but I’m curious to see if anyone steps in with their own translation. (If they do, I might have some paying work for them…)

    • “Let’s visit a volcanic island, you said. It’ll be fun, you said!”
      “Glub glub. Squork!”

  4. I can sorta transliterate: ‘air om yom racav par”d d’r b’lybam aydmad’. dgdndon … … dom ayinod.
    Meesa very rusty and I never new yiddish anyway :/

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