9 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder: Chapter Four, Page Six

  1. That bloody retard!!!!!!! Ashley is a remarkable piece of art, not for experiment u bloody idiot!!!!!!! I would accept if she was showcased in his personal collection or sold out to someone else. But in that some sort pressure machine???!!! Oww,I just hope that Ashley’s petrified structure remains the same as the day she turned into a living piece of art 🙁

      • I don’t think so. Because Ashley is still displayed naked in the 22nd century according to Volume 08,Number 08. And I really don’t think that becoming human again will be a good outcome for Ashley anymore. I firmly believe she’s way lot better as a statue. But can’t tolerate the atrocities that naked goddess is facing Nemo. Yet again she withstood a direct frontal assault and HF acid in the museum. So I hope she successfully withstands this one either. After all she’s one hell of a naked sculpture. ♥

  2. Ah, going to pressure treat life back into her?

  3. You’re not really clean unless you’re encreasificated clean!

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