11 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder, Chapter Four, Page Eleven

  1. “I got mutated just to have tea parties with an amnesiac exhibitionist with the IQ of a head of lettuce?!”

    • What is the language the fish dudes are speaking? It looks like Hebrew.

      • Yiddish, and only one of them. This makes Ashley’s remark about wishing she knew German more astute than it might otherwise seem, as the two languages are very close, indeed often mutually intelligible.

    • We don’t know if they were grown from human zygotes and made into fish men, or they were made from fish zygotes, or were wholly men once and allowed the Dr. to experiment on them and make them fish men. If it’s the third case, they would have a male human sex drive.

  2. Even after all these years it seems great to see Ashley as voluptuous and naked as before.

    • It would be nice to see some group three ways with more human women. I have to be specific because…well who knows where this is all going.

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