7 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder: Chapter Four, Page Fourteen

  1. That’ll put a crimp in the doctor’s own plans to avail himself of Ashley, after his tissue regeneration.

  2. “OK. Your name is Ashley…”
    “My name is Ashley.”
    “You don’t like wearing clothes.”
    “I HATE wearing clothes!”
    “And you don’t have sex with the ichthyic men!”
    “I would NEVER have sex with an ichthyic man! Eew!”

  3. I guess he isn’t done with her. But if he were, that would have been a pretty good pose to leave her in.

  4. In the film “Cat People “ Natassia Kinsky is subject to a curse: every time she copulates she turns into a black panther. She remains so until she kills someone, then reverts to human form. We may have an equivalent situation here.

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