6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder: Chapter Four, Page Twenty-Five

  1. Well, Ms.Newman intentionally let herself to be a statue. And she also became famous exhibit in Paris. I guess, it’s not compulsory anymore tp revert her back. We can let her be as a naked statue I guess. But is she a new character? Was she ever mentioned before?

    • She appeared way back in Volume I in a pendant story “The Strange Case of Millie Newman”. It has occurred to me that even though she lived over a century ago in the main continuity, the “painting” for which she modeled is still around, and she might to this day be the subject of college urban legends which Ashley Madder could have heard, and subsequently incorporated into her dream as seen here.

      • Wow. She became a living painting. Forever trapped naked in a painting. Though I have come to prefer this version of her becoming a nude statue. But, are all these adventures of Ashley like a parody or some such? Or are all these happening for real??? Because in volume 1, 6 & 8 you have hinted it so many times that Ashley is remaining that remarkably naked statue with that appealing ecstatic pose forever. I just hope these adventures end up turning Ashley into a statue with that same ecstatic pose again. This time not in a museum. But rather a personal collection or even in the collection of arts in a government residence of a president or chief minister lile White House or Kremlin or else.

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