7 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder: Chapter Five, Page Eleven

  1. But old movies. Pizza. Mountain Dew. A warm shower. A mountain road. The grip of the steering wheel in gloved hand. The press of the accelerator under foot. Carving that turn into the unknown of the future. And that feeling of taking a successful dump. Damn, that’s the best!

      • You mean you’ve never experienced that feeling of needing to go, but been unable to generate anything other than rabbit droppings?

        • I think any dump is a good dump as long as it relieves some pressure. Better a small dump then emergency surgery or an enema.
          Besides, there’s coffee and prune juice…and more extreme drugs.

    • Everything you are mentioning is a reason to live, and good reasons. Cults… the Catholic Church, Jim Jones, etc…. want you to give your money, drink the Kool-Aid, eat the pudding, and die. Cults both minimize the good things in life and work as hard as they can to put them out of the reach of the common people.

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