9 thoughts on “The Adventures of Ashley Madder: Chapter Six, Page Twenty-Seven

  1. You have to wonder what’s been altered in this new timeline (aside from details in panels 1 & 3).

    I think the most pressing mysteries are:

    Was there a contemporaneous Ashley Madder in this timeline?
    Did she petrify herself using an illicit liquid?
    Which Ashley is on display here?
    Where is the other Ashley?

    • But if there isn’t a contemporaneous Ashley Madder in this timeline she cannot be petrified and her statue cannot be sent back in time and so it will not be available to be put on display in the Drumpf Memorial Statue Court.

      But if there is a contemporaneous Ashley Madder in this timeline when she is petrified everyone will recognise her as The Unknown Venus which already exists in this timeline, unless, of course she is not petrified, and then where did The Unknown Venus come from?

      • I highly suspect Burton Madder himself is the real Senator Madder & father of Ashley. So, I believe, Ashley was never born in this timeline. All she is as an unknown statue of a voluptuous nude woman in this timeline.

  2. If someone prevents Ashley (prime) from using the illicit liquid, what becomes of Ms. Porpulac and so many others?

    • Ashley (prime) is the time-travelling statue.

      You mean Ashley (divergence).

  3. I have some questions for Doc Faus, if sir u see my comment, please answer me out please.

    1. What sort of material is Ashley truly made of??? I mean what does she look from exterior??? A white marble or else???? I mean just the exterior look of her u see.

    2. What is the reaction that truly keeps Ashley in her petrified form??? I mean a simple sexual arousement turned her into a statue. So, what was the fact indeed, I truly never realized. Please explain it out what actually prevented Ashley to emjoy her fleshy life.

    Thanks in advance, sir

      • okay, so she has a smooth white exterior. but, will that reaction always prevent her from being a flesh??? I mean is it intended to ensure that Ashley remains petrified in her that naked ecstatic pose as always??? I mean that doc did intend to nullify it, right??? So, that means the reaction is always gonna happen to Ashley, right????

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