6 thoughts on “Wheel of Misfortune, Page 8

    • I’d liken it more to being as dumb as a bag of rocks, but that does seem to be a requirement (IMHO) for self-terminal behavior. Nothing much on the wheel looks very survivable, hence the name, which is a tasteful understatement. It makes for entertaining reading, but I prefer women who would go out kicking and screaming and taking out one or two of their terminators on the way. That’s why I married a lawyer….

      • The harsh fact is, some people will do anything to get on television…

      • Actually, when not being deliberately satirically cute, I’m with you John. Rage, rage against the sighing of the trite, do not go gently to that crude rite.

        • I’ve spent too much time on facebook. I just want to “Like” the hell out of your interpretation of the classic.

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