8 thoughts on “An open letter in response to some correspondence from Tumblr

  1. I closed my tumblr account the day they announced their policy change. Like Playboy, I only went there for the pictures of naked women. I wish they had the option to only view NSFW content, because that other stuff is against my religious beliefs in Yoni-worship and the Divinity of the Feminine Form. I just wish they had bothered to put a comment box on the account deletion form.

    • I should have closed my account, but somehow failed to do so.

      Either way I have a significant problem with link-rot over at Hedonix and Infernal Wonders, but that’s life.

      • BTW – Just a note so that you do not think I was censuring you for your wonderful site diversity… trains and architecture are very cool. They make an excellent palate cleanser between pictures of nude women and women in peril, all varieties that you have chosen. But the female form in all of the wonderous variety produce the very best pictures, art, and speculative fiction art.

    • On the theory that “fuck off” has gotten a bit worn from extensive use, I attempted a meiosis with “go into the dark.” (Which, even as meiosis, does have a nice horror feel to it, at least to me.)

  2. Next time use “why don’t you undergo total protonic inversion.” One must have standards, even if they are mad standards.

  3. Patreon and Twitter can follow Tumblr. Facebook too. If MeWe gets things setup to use for logging in to various websites, that will be great. That’s the main thing I use Facebook for.

    I’m getting fed up with these leftist hypocrites claiming they’re for free speech etc when they’re censoring people they don’t like.

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