4 thoughts on “Fruiting Bodies: Chapter 7, Page 13

  1. So, once the culture has reached a certain number of mobile hosts (in this case 27), the hosts are driven to climb to the nearest peak (in this case the tower) in order to maximise the range of the spores when they’re released.

    Which is why the lab rats were all found clinging to the tops of their cages, and the mountain rodents were upright on the mountain top.

    • Exactly!

      The climbing behavior exhibited in *Ophicordyceps asteranthos* hosts is essentially consistent with that of the better known *O. unilateralis,* which compels certain species of tropical ants to climb plants and lock their mandibles so that the fruiting bodies that sprout from their heads can better propagate their spores.

      ( I actually started putting together a list of pop songs that mention towers for the Fun Guy Dance Party, but didn’t manage to work it in to the script)

      • Tower of Strength by the Mission would be an absolute must for the Goth contingent.

        Actually, my knowledge of songs about towers is pretty short. Is 1 item even a list?

        • One of the reasons i ditched the list is that neither Leonard Cohen (Tower of Song) nor Jimi Hendrix (All Along the Watchtower, covering Dylan) makes much sense for a 21st century dance party.

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