4 thoughts on “Learning from Elders: Chapter 4, Pages 22 and 23

  1. I hope they got some professional guidance before suspending their cast’s full weight by the wrists. I seem to recall reading you can only do that so long before you start to inflict damage.

  2. The choice of currency is an interesting one. Ecu is a historical French coin, and was never used anywhere where the architecture looked like that. Piastres, dirhams, shekels, fals, dinars, mithqals or even Maria Theresia thalers would be more likely choices.

    • When I was an adjunct faculty member at a very prestigious American university I was unfavorably impressed at how little my elite students knew about history, at least outside of the United States and the twentieth century. As in, only a minority of them could have told you in which century the English Civil War took place, or what its different sides were called. I suspect the students writing the script for this production aren’t all that much better.

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