Learning from Elders: Chapter 7, Page 17

Learning from Elders: Chapter 7, Page 16
Learning from Elders: Chapter 7, Page 18
WRENS show up at Gnosis College for a mysterious program.

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4 thoughts on “Learning from Elders: Chapter 7, Page 17

  1. Good grief. At least in primitive times the human sacrifices were told what was going on…

    • This does sound like the beginning of Professor Turpentine’s experiments in the South Pacific.

  2. Oh those poor unsuspecting girls…

    I wonder if that is the same couple in that 2nd panel from the very beginning of this volume.

  3. What if the ‘unauthorised fraternising’ is actually the cover for the teleportation project’s recruitment of test subjects, and the Wrens actually are being taught the theory behind some plausibly complicated navigation system.

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