Gel Girl Pamela Rei Genesis I

Gel Girl Pamela Rei Exercises VII
Gel Girl Pamela Rei Genesis II
Dr. Verwandlung lectures a group of skeptical-looking colleagues about the possibility of turning human flesh and organs into living gel.

We’re beginning a new series today, this one illustrated by ICUDhara, a Russian artist whose work we have already seen here at Erotic Mad Science. We’re still with Gel Girl Pamela Rei here, turning back to her origins story. At the beginning, Dr. Verwandlung is address a group of his skeptical colleagues.

The overall action in this illustration series is described in a fragment of draft screenplay, which you are welcome to download if you are interested in such things. This image is available in a much larger size. Right-click to download.

ICUdhara has a DeviantArt site here, and you can also support the artist on Patreon, as I do.

Kindly do not alter or republish this art without our permission.

One thought on “Gel Girl Pamela Rei Genesis I

  1. Always enjoy when you and ICUdhara collab. Looking forward to this one!

    And from the script, it looks like it’s gonna be a good one 😉

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