A brief series on a new artist — inksGirls

"I cursed myself for getting myself into such a dilemma..."
An inksGirls image sequence
Bottled by InkGirls, a pen-and-ink drawing of a buxom naked girl trapped in an almost-too-small bottle.
Bottled by InkGirls — republished with permission of the artist

In hopes of spreading a bit of additional happiness in these difficult times I’ll be running a few images by a new artist discovery from over the weekend, inksGirls, who has a definite feel for shrinking, mad science (or magic) and transformations. The image above is Bottled, an example of the tube girl meme, which you can find on the artist’s DeviantArt site. You can also follow inksGirls on twitter at @inksGirls and also pixiv as inksGirls. And if you like the art enough, please support inksGirls on Patreon as I do.

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