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Trementina inizia inizia la sua caccia alla sua bestia tentacolare.

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PAGE 43 (Two panels)

Panel 1: Probably a smaller inset panel. Turpentine, now in a short-sleeved shirt, being interviewed aboard ship (indicate by showing a porthole in the background).

Turpentine (1): This vessel has been specially outfitted for the mission. It carries a great variety of electronic, fishing, and whaling gear.

Translation (1): Questa nave è stata appositamente attrezzata per la missione. Trasporta una grande varietà di attrezzi elettronici, per la pesca e per la caccia alle balene.

Panel 2: “Schematic” of the ship, showing the large central area converted to a giant tank, with a crane on part of the deck.

CAPTION – TURPENTINE NARRATING (2): The most important feature, though, is a giant marine tank in the middle of the ship, in which we hope to contain the creature after capturing it.

Translation (2): La caratteristica più importante, tuttavia, è un enorme serbatoio marino nel mezzo della nave, in cui speriamo di contenere la creatura dopo averla catturata.

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