Learning from Elders: Chapter 9, Page 8

Learning from Elders: Chapter 9, Page 7
Learning from Elders: Chapter 9, Page 9
Uncle Luigi's baroque bedchamber, which somehow contains the "statue" of the unfortunate Angelique Porpulac.

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4 thoughts on “Learning from Elders: Chapter 9, Page 8

    • Indeed. I’d forgotten about her…
      One archive dive later, and it’s all back. Bloody S.O.U.P. …

  1. Angelique!! Been wondering where she ended up!

    I wonder if she’ll have the same luck as Millie with coming back. But something inside tells me ‘no’…

    • Well we know it’s possible, just have to fix that little problem of having an orgasm turns them back to indestructible stone.

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