Learning from Elders: Chapter 9, Page 23

Learning from Elders: Chapter 9, Page 22
Learning from Elders: Chapter 9, Page 24
Chiara and Seta discuss their backgrounds, and something odd happens when Gnosis College  comes up.

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6 thoughts on “Learning from Elders: Chapter 9, Page 23

  1. So, first I was thinking Chiara was the “friend with connections” that the Numbers mentioned, and that Seta is their agent.

    But now I’m thinking Chiara is still who the Numbers mentioned, but Seta ‘s train of thought is more concerned with the orgasmo-doohickey, whose name I can’t recall or search for atm.

  2. Seta’s comment that she popped into Italy a few years back caught my attention.

    • It doesn’t seem very relevant, considering they’re in Sicily, but sometimes even the most seemingly trivial bits of information can have a significant bearing.

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