Auto-Icon Concept Art II: The Creature

Auto-Icon Concept Art I: Confronting the creature
Auto-Icon Concept Art III: Tentacle types
A tentacle monster found in an abandoned factory.

The found the creature in an abandoned factory. What it was, what it was doing there, how it got there…none of these questions had any clear answer. More concept work by Rafael Suzarte, who has made any number of contributions here at Erotic Mad Science, the largest of which is the “silent” comic Beware the Asylum. If you like Rafael’s work, you can follow him on twitter at @suzarte_1 or support him on Patreon, as I do.

2 thoughts on “Auto-Icon Concept Art II: The Creature

  1. Oh my…

    I wonder if that blonde on the left from the last page will be getting up close and personal with this guy…

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