Impariamo l’italiano LXXVI: Esca 077

Impariamo l'italiano LXXV: Esca 076
Impariamo l'italiano LXXVII: Esca 078
Ehilà bestia tentacolare!

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PAGE 77 (Four panels)

Panel 1: A SAILOR, looking excited, standing on the deck of the RV Seagoon, holding binoculars in one hand and pointing out to sea at something.

Panel 2: A view out to see. In the distance, the Creature, or part of it, appears to be bloated, and floating on the surface.

Panel 3: Another group of SAILORS, on the deck, firing what looks a bit like a cannon off the deck.


Translation (1): SBRANGL!

Panel 4: A view of the creature, just off the side of the RV Seagoon, tangled in a net.

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