Learning from Elders: Chapter 10, Pin-up

Learning from Elders: Chapter 10, Page 30
Learning from Elders: XCV: Esca 096
Eva Garrido Gannabal poses with her weapon.  She'd make a great colonial marine.

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4 thoughts on “Learning from Elders: Chapter 10, Pin-up

  1. BFG 9000? Seriously now, I’ve read about SJW leaking into media, but a fully clothed pinup?

    • The very first Tales of Gnosis College pinup had Nanetta Rector in a skirt and sweater.

        • The next chapter will begin posting in about a week. The entire script is written, and Erosarts is drawing, but we both want to increase our buffer of posts over what it has been recently. I announced this short hiatus in the first post in the Minnow series.

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