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Daphne möchte kleine Kinder, Eliza, süße Tiere retten.

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PAGE 34 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Daphne and Eliza sit next to one another on a comfortable-looking couch, being interviewed.

Daphne (1): The charitable contribution was a big thing for me.

Translation (1): Die Wohltätigkeit war mir sehr wichtig.

Eliza (2): Yeah, me too!

Translation (2): Ja, mir auch!

Daphne (3): It’s really an issue of effective altruism.

Translation (3): Dabei geht es um effektiven Altruismus.

Panel 2: A thin-but-healthy African child spooning something nourishing into her mouth while looking at the viewer with large and grateful eyes.

CAPTION – DAPHNE NARRATING (4): Estimates vary depending on details of methodology, but a consensus view is that a million dollars well spent on hunger and disease relief could easily save thirty lives.

Translation (4):Die Schätzungen schwanken je nach der gewähkten Methode, aber man geht davon aus, das seine Million Dollar sinnvoll gegen Hunger und Krankheit eingesetzt leicht dreißig Menschenleben retten können.

Panel 3: Daphne and Eliza on the couch again.

Daphne (5): One for thirty seems like a pretty good trade to me, another way of living a life that matters.

Translation (5): Einer gegen dreißig, das klingt für mich nach einem guten Deal. So hat mein Leben einen Sinn.

Unseen interviewer (out-of-panel balloon) (6): And what are you contributing to, Eliza?

Translation (6): Und wofür warden Sie spenden, Eliza?

Eliza (7): Well, I’ve always loved animals.

Translation (7): Naja, ich habe schon immer Tiere geliebt.

Panel 4: Eliza, dressed differently than she is for the interview, cradling a sad-looking little puppy in her arms, comforting it.

CAPTION – ELIZA NARRATING (8): A million dollars in humane society relief goes a long way.

Comment (8): By “humane society relief,” Eliza means charity directed toward an organization like the American Humane Society, which devotes itself to promoting the welfare of non-human animals, so this phrase should be translated accordingly.

Translation (8): Eine Million Dollar für den Tierschutz können eine Menge bewirken.

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