5 thoughts on “Infinity Choice, Page 24

  1. You’ve got to wonder about Buzz.

    A science student at a college that teaches science asking why that college would be equipped with science labs.

    I mean, you’ve REALLY got to wonder about Buzz.

    • Considering the various ghastly and eldritch experiments performed at Gnosis, the lack of Level VI containment bunkers would be even more remarkable!

    • That is a heavy-grade “hotcell” lab. The setup shown here costs a few hundred thousand dollars, at least. Where I come from, things like this are not used for teaching science. You can do that (and a lot of physical research) with much less expensive equipment. Hotcells are research facilities, and most likely, you would be a “research one” university if you had activities requiring them.

      There really is no reason for a liberal arts college to have a lab like this. But Gnosis college, as we know, has a history with a lot of black government programs, so this makes suspension of disbelief easy.

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