5 thoughts on “Infinity Choice, Page 27

  1. Destroying them while turned on was a risk. Might have triggered something really bad.

    • Isn’t “The Misadventures of Buzz-aroo Banzai across the ∞th Dimensions” hideous enough?

      • When compared to him causing multiversal collapse by tinkering with technology he barely understands, it’s small potatoes.
        But yes, it’s hideous enough in its own right.

  2. I’ve got an inkling that, while having two instances of a zapcom in the same universe can be devastating enough long term*, having them both switched on and left on, means all instances of that particular zapcom are in the same on state.

    And she’s using the one that a version of her made for Buzz.

    *I read a comic series a a kid where time travel to the past necessitated an equal mass substitution to avoid the universe becoming top-heavy, and when someone invented a way to circumvent that particule condition, the future tore itself apart soon after.

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