9 thoughts on “Infinity Choice, Page 32

  1. Unfortunately, the darkness is a glutton. Instead of blowing out the candle, they’ve just made it burn all the brighter.

    • Darkness: “Hmmm~, energy! Let’s use it to expand and see if these monkeys will feed me even more.”

  2. Reminds me of the Vom from Alan Dean Foster’s novel ‘Bloodhype’. The Vom couldn’t be fought using energy weapons, as it was an amorphous black glob that absorbed energy of any kind, both chemical and electromagnetic, and used it to grow. Fortunately, the Tar Aiym (From the first novel in the series, ‘The Tar Aiym Krang’) learned to fight it using weapons that locally modified the nature of reality, and there was one surviving TA, in stasis with one of their weapons. The Vom only failed at its first attempt to eat the galaxy because it locally depleted its resources, creating a huge area called the Blight, in which otherwise habitable worlds were polished down to bedrock to extract every bit of chemical energy, then layered in thin sheets of VOM to catch solar. Not something you want to poke, but not every space-going race is wise enough not to poke big dangerous things.

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