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Daphne macht sich bereit und drückt die Hoffnung aus, zur richtigen Zeit zu explodieren.

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PAGE 59 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Daphne standing in a different cabin. She’s wearing a comparatively modest black one-piece swimsuit. She is wearing a pair of swimmer’s goggles, now dangling around her neck. She’s holding one of the capsules between her thumb and forefinger and examining it with a skeptical expression. Hiram stands to one side, his face wearing a bit of a smirk.

Daphne (1): So, this has been recalibrated, has it?

Translation (1): Das wurde also neu kalibriert, richtig?

Hiram (2): Yes. To much higher sensitivity settings.

Translation (2): Ja. Auf viel höhere Empfindlichkeitswerte.

Panel 2: Daphne in the act of downing the capsule with a glass of water.

Daphne (3): Well, here’s hoping you got it right this time, Hiram.

Translation (3): Dann hoffe ich mal, dass Sie es dismal richtig gemacht haben, Hiram.

Panel 3: Daphne walking down a narrow ship’s corridor with Claudia.

Claudia (4): The drones will follow you and not be far away.

Translation (4): Die Drohnen folgen dir und sind nicht weit entfernt.

Daphne (5): I’m glad of that.

Translation (5): Das ist gut.

Panel 4: Claudia and Daphne walking on deck, past a number of men who look a little grimmer than they did before.

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