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Minor publication error -- sorry!

There have been some complaints in comments about having to scroll past the multi-language Bait publication posts, with the suggestion that perhaps the Bait material be exiled from the main page entirely. Although I intend to continue publication of a Bait page on a daily basis, after some thought I have come up with what I hope will be a useful accommodation for people who don’t want this material on a daily basis.

After midnight U.S. eastern time tonight, most or all posts will be given a category classification of either “Feed A” or “Feed B.” Feed A will be all new comics, new art, and otherwise new material such as podcast appearance announcements, which generally publishes at midnight U.S. eastern time. The first material to appear with a “Feed A” designation will be a new tale of Gnosis College, “The Simplest Love Story,” the cover page of which is scheduled to appear here in a new hours. “Feed B” will be reprint material like the Bait translations, which is most often published at noon U.S. eastern time. To access Feed A from your web-browser, use the following URL (you can cut and paste):


For an RSS feed of Feed A, copy and paste the following text in your RSS reader:


Likewise to see Feed B in a browser, use the following link:


And for an RSS reader


Note that Feed A will be empty until midnight U.S. ET on May 13, 2021, and Feed B will be empty until noon U.S. ET on May 13, 2021. Both feeds should be populated after those respective times.

I hope that readers will find this to be an improvement. Please bear with me if there are a few bugs to work out. There shouldn’t be — it worked in a test environment but slips are always possible — feel free to get in touch if it isn’t working.

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  1. Not seen very often on the web to announce feed changes (plus upfront). Kudos, sir!

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