Faustus Crow experiments

Summer at the Sea - 35
Summer at the Sea - 36

Faustus Crow, whom I recently interviewed for the Squick-or-Squee Podcast, is now doing experiments with occult soundscapes and visuals. Here is a free example you can find on YouTube: “Yellow Submarine Psychonaut Vepara. A Dark Tale from ‘The Haunted Art Studio Of Faustus Crow.'” (Note: I believe the soundscape here is most effective if listened-to on headphones).

Comments Faustus Crow:

The Forty-Second Succubus is Vepara, or Vephara. She is a Duchess Great and Strong and appears like a U-Boat Captain piloting a Yellow Submarine, or as a Mermaid.

Her Psychonaut office is to govern the Astral Waters, sinking the designs of War Profiteers, etc., thereon. And at the request of her Conjuring Surrealist Artist, she can cause the Astral sea of the Collective Dream to be right stormy, which initiates a global Serf rebellion against the Feudal Technocracy.

Also she makes the NWO Economic Reset gangsters of the neo-aristocratic Top-Down economy, meet Madame Guillotine. She governs over 29 Legions of Submariner Succubi, and her Seal is to be meditated upon prior to conjuring her into a Lucid Dream. – Surrealist Goetia – S. L. MacGregore Freemason Matherson (misquoted)

I can’t improve on that! In any event, most of these new works are available only to patrons, so if you like what you see and hear you should head on over to his Patreon and show him some love. You can also buy his books at his Amazon store.