3 thoughts on “Nutty Monster on Campus Act I, p. 5

  1. Sarkan299 was right: Polly Mae did have to take out the hair ties and earrings.

    I don’t think the students are taking notes as they should. Perhaps Prof. Fnirp should scold them.

  2. Lon did a great job here! Loving her pose and expression. Reminds me a lot of poor Angelique Porpulac… I wonder if Polly Mae will face a similar horrific fate!

    And as Chartreuse mentioned, glad to see she removed her hair ties and earrings so they won’t affect the experiment! Not that I’m convinced she’s any safer though.

    • ‘Safe’ is rarely if ever on the table when participating in experiments at this university. Not when you’re the test subject, anyway.

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