7 thoughts on “Nutty Monster on Campus, Act I, p. 7

  1. I get the feeling this experiment might have benefited from letting a licensed engineer check over the equipment before it was used.
    Also, I’d like to know what kind of trials Prof. Fnirp performed before moving on to human experimentation.

  2. “Oh, that’s a relief… aiyeeee!”

    Is stabbing buttons better or worse than mashing (amusing local idiom here in upstate SC) them?

    • Button-mashing has been a pretty much universal term since at least the mid-’90s. Button-stabbing, not so much.

      As to your question: If the remote control had had multiple buttons, then mashing might’ve resulted in the wrong button(s) being pressed. As there’s only the one large (and presumably red) button, stabbing and mashing it have the same effect.

    • Ah, well. At least Prof. Fnirp didn’t say: “Don’t worry, I won’t feel a thing.”

  3. “SZZZT!”… certainly not a good sound in this scenario. I wonder how related it is to “STAB!”

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