4 thoughts on “Nutty Monster on Campus: Act I, p. 16

  1. I imagine Fnirp’s first name is something like Julius, but no one ever uses it, due to his attitude and the consequences of his behaviour.
    I also imagine, given this appears to be set in the kind of improbable ’50s/’60s that wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of the Twilight Zone, that he has a stereotypical battleaxe of a wife who exclusively refers to him as “Fnirp!”, and that she has made him sorry he was ever born on multiple occasions.

      • True.
        But at the time this is set, it was extremely rare to see a man wearing a wedding ring.
        So a lack of rings isn’t a very accurate indicator of Fnirp’s marital status.
        Nor the Provost’s, for that matter.

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