5 thoughts on “Nutty Monster on Campus: Act I, p. 18

  1. Good to see the professor so diligent – but he should get some rest. He’s bound to make a mistake if he’s too tired!

    Very nice touch with Polly Mae’s empty sweater. Hopefully the janitor doesn’t plan on tossing it! Or anything in the lab for that matter…

    • He might need to enlist the aid of a biologist for that.
      It’s a university, and even in that far-flung era, they’d still most likely have science classes split into at least the basic fields of physics, chemistry, biology and geology, with Fnirp most likely being a physicist and/or chemist, given his demonstration and the blackboard.

      • LOL Fair point. Still, I’m thinking it would be a more likely solution than expecting to use some sort of gravitational magnetic resonance to reconstitute and animate a living creature. But hey, pseudoscience of all sorts can be engaging. I’m sure Fnirp concurs.

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