8 thoughts on “Nutty Monster on the Campus: Act II, page 29

  1. So. Does this mean Fnirp will try to have his way with his next victim before eating her alive?

  2. Huh. So far has had the opportunity to eat two males and two females. Has only eaten the females. (Admittedly, he might still eat hippy boy — but he already went to the effort of tying him up instead of just eating him, so it seems unlikely.) So what’s up with that? Do women taste better than men? Are men poisonous to the monster?

    • Let’s do a Fnirp, and follow the science.

      Both males have been fully clothed and neither have been eaten. So far.
      Both females have been fully undressed before being eaten.
      No one has survived an encounter. So far.

      Tommy may have confronted Fnirp, leading to his fate.
      Hippy guy has basically passively protested. So far.

  3. Thats a way to catch prey. Tire her out sexually then when she’s too exhausted slurp her up….brilliant!

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