13 thoughts on “Nutty Monster on the Campus, Act III, p. 16

  1. Something tells me these cops have not attended the Lethbridge-Stewart lecture on controlling weird monsters. “Just once, I’d like to meet a menace that wasn’t immune to bullets!”

    • No, that’s why they want to destroy it. Can’t have it running around flouting the law, now, can we?

  2. This is a rather interesting drawing. The weapons are somewhat period-like: the rifles look a bit like M1 Garands, which would be rather logical police support weapons. The shotgun is a pump action. Those without rifles are using revolvers, not pistols.

    However, there are a couple of things that I am missing: the headwear looks like baseball caps, while it should be something a bit more formal. And nobody is carrying a night stick, which was a must at the time.

    • A rifle doesn’t go “ratatatatatat”. If you look closely, it’s more like a M3 “grease gun”.

    • But why are the shotguns shooting pom-poms? Wouldn’t 12-guage slugs or 00-buckchot be more effective?

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